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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> judge jeanine: tonight on "justice." we have breaking news as the search intensifies for missing 11 month old baby lisa ir win. >> this week we are on the ground in kansas city. >> just for the return of the baby they get $100,000. >> what investigators now say really happened to baby lisa. >> we are not dealing -- whoever did this is not a criminal mastermind. >> plus, never before seen footage from the exclusive interview with the parents. >> they immediate were screaming her name and looking for her. >> judge jeanine: coming up tonight on a special edition of "justice," where's baby lisa.
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>> hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. breaking news as kansas city police sources tell "justice" they have found jersey the homeless man wanted for questioning in the disappearance of babe. >> lisa. he had not been seen his baby lisa disappeared. his real name, johnny tanko and he is known to carry a switchblade. tonight he is in custody on a felony war are rant unrelated -- warrant unrelated to the case. this week when i was in kansas city i spoke to a neighbor who felt that jersey a.k.a. johnny tanko was a threatening individual who would take his switchblade out and stab it into a table and then play arounded with it to let people know that he was quite handy with the switchblade. but there was also another big development in the search for baby lisa. a private investigator from new york brought in to kansas city.
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lrve this week, a wealthy ben factor steps to the plate, bringing in private investigator wild bill stanton. >> there is going to be a $100,000 reward put up for the safe return and/or conviction of person or persons involved in the horrible crime. >> judge jeanine: stanton promised a big bounty to whomever finds baby lisa. >> judge jeanine: the return of the baby and the conviction. >> if someone brings the kid right now and says they founded that child sitting only a park bench, they bring that kid right here, they get $100,000. >> judge jeanine: i met with stanton to discuss the case. >> you and i both know police need to eliminate the inner circle first. is amazing is that they never said that the parents are suspects. we don't know it if it is the
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inner circle. everybody seems to be stumped. >> and that is what has the public so fascinated and what is so compelling that if someone tried to concoct the perfect crime and snatch a kid and take them out of a location, you couldn't do it. you couldn't do it. there would be a trail or a witness. and we are not dealing whoever did this is not a criminal mastermind. >> judge jeanine: former detective with the nypd. pat, welcome. what do you make of all of this? >> i'm not even sure where to start. be very honest with you. i know bill stanton. likeable enough fellow. it is difficult for me tone vision how his objective overview being called in by this person, this anonymous benefactor is going to exceed the collective intelligence and witt and wisdom of the fbi and the authorities.
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>> judge jeanine: what do you make of his saying that this is no criminal mastermind? what is he talking about who did this? >> the statement remains unclear to me. but i think what he is trying to state is that this crime if it was a crime, if there is actual crime behind it, if the child was abducted didn't require a criminal mastermind and i part company on that and we will get into that. >> judge jeanine: what do you mean. >> in other words, the theft and sale of babies is a flourishing facilitated black market in america, it is a fact. if in fact it turns out that when you deconstruct the parent's statements, the factual inconsistencies in the statements and some of the highly improbable scenarios they preferred in relation to it the time scene. >> judge jeanine: what are you saying when you deconstruct? saying that the stories or statements are unreasonable, i will logical? >> i wilillogical.
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ing inconsistent. >> judge jeanine: how? >> a baby who didn't cry. brothers who didn't wake up. baby monitors that evidently didn't capture the crying but were supposedly on. a dog that doesn't bark. baby that doesn't cry, dog that doesn't bark. the lights that went on after 10:30 when the mom went to sleep. off when she went to sleep and on when the husband came home. the door was unlocked when came home. it was locked when she -- this is bizarre. >> judge jeanine: what is interesting about this is that when you have a baby who is sick, you know, any mother does itent need a baby monitor and she says the monitor was on. even they say it doesn't make sense. now, add to all of this lunacy you have the benefactor who brings in wild bill stanton who is offering $100,000 and brings in an attorney apparently who
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is or isn't retained. we will find out later in the show. what is this all about? have you seen anything like this? >> this is new turf. i'm so underand it that the mysterious benefactor reached out and plucked bill stanton out of barnes county and said this is the guy who is going to bring together and somehow elevate the investigative gathering of clues and evidence more so than the missouri state police, the fbi and local authorities. >> judge jeanine: and kansas city police. here is the thing, we now, we are in law enforcement a long timion both of us. that p.d. is not sharing information with him. he is not an agent of law enforcement. there is none of this going on. so what it his role? what does the bene factor think that he can do that the fbi, the state police and 300 boots on the ground can't do? >> i'm actually at a loss for words on that one. i have no clue. >> judge jeanine: you say you know bill stanton. what do you know about this
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guy? >> former nypd. >> judge jeanine: how long? >> i don't know. >> judge jeanine: three years? >> a short time. >> how long were you with nypd? >> 14. as a detective for 10. >> judge jeanine: stay with us. and lots more tonight including more of my exclusive interview you with lisa's parents who knew jeremy irwin was out of the house that night. was lisa taken by someone in her own family? when "justice" continues. stay with us. [ husband ] you ready for this? i just signed the whole family up for unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. you're kidding. no. where's that money coming from, steve? did it even cross your mind to ask your wife before signing us up for something so expensive? my mother was right; i should have married john clarke. they were free. i got them when i signed us up for unlimited messaging. [ male announcer ] get more value from at&t.
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>> judge jeanine: what is the first thing you thought, debbie, when jeremy comes in and says where is lisa? >> maybe one of the boys picked her up and was playing her and put her in bed with them and i knew that wasn't possible. i tonigh don't know. there was no one thought.
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it was just where is she at? we got to find her, where is she at, what happened. >> when she wasn't in the home what is your first thought? did any one come to mind? >> no, i mean not really. it was just -- just panic. panic. you don't think when something like that is happening. you don't think. your thoughts are everywhere. they are racing. there is no -- there is nothing makes sense in your head. you just -- it is like not real. it's a dream. it's just a nightmare. >> judge jeanine: and did the boys wake up? >> yeah, they woke up. they immediately knew. we were screaming her name and looking for her and they were crying mommy, where is pumpkin, where is lisa? >> back with former detective pat brosnan and joined by arthur and psychologist dr. rowi ludewig. was there a strange abduction
6:12 pm
or do you think this was an inside job? >> the baby didn't levitate itself out of the crib. >> judge jeanine: and the baby could not climb out of the crib. >> correct, 10 months old. i got it. i have a couple of those little ones. i got it. my operating premise is this, the biological parents, the problem for criminallability in my view if i had this case of the biological parents being complicit in some way whether there is a third-party or fourth party facilitator is in my view quite high for a number of different reasons. working statistically and historically and baseline from economic perspective and everything else. i'm factoring in a few disparate elements. the first shift he worked as an eelectrickian at night. all the cell phones are gone. i think maybe that is some kind of a rookie mistake on their
6:13 pm
side in terms of maybe trying to eliminate the calls in and out. here is what i would do. i would want to know for the prior 30 days every single person they spoke with, texted to, had a coffee with, a drink with, was videoed with in every store they went into. every communication and i want it know the criminal history reported and nonreported of all those people they met with. during that 30 days and behind that in my view. >> what we do know is that the police have already looked at that and they have not indicated that the parents are suspects. in fact, they said the parents are not suspects. arthur, inside job or abduction? >> i don't know. i mean this is what i know. i know at this point the district attorney's office or whatever the local prosecutor's office they are the ones that authorize arrest or not authorize arrest because they are the ones that have to prosecute. the law enforcement is doing what they can do with what they
6:14 pm
have. they followed up on 500 leads is that accurate? >> a thousand. >> a thousand leads and got nothing. all they have is mom and dad. as you know as the former chief prosecutor you can put two people in the room and ask them the same questions over and over ken for tw again for two d all of a sudden inconsistencies come up. >> judge jeanine: what is interesting is that i interviewed the parents and we will continue to see some of the interviews. the last exclusive interview that they did. they are so in synch. almost two weeks and there isn't anything where they have disagreed with each other. do you think that it is ineverybody visitable that they will start to start working against each other or saying things that might accidentally or intentionally incriminate each other. >> that is a possibility. they can blame one another or get angry. when you look at these people they look so unsophisticated and i think in some ways that
6:15 pm
is being misinterpreted by the media. we are a little jaded and used to looking at parents and thinking that they are guilty. we had a lot of cases in the media in recent history where moms and dads have been guilty of harming their child or children. we really don't have enough information. that is the truth here. >> we know that. and right now, this case is still, you know, an open investigation. although interesting, kansas city p.d. found jersey, the guy with the switchblade, the homeless guy. was living in the abandoned house where they ended up searching the well so he is someone who they have to question right now and do whatever they need to do. when you say that the family is unsophisticated. you are an attorney, arthur, what problems does that engender? >> both hats. theseefense attorney and are your clients it may limit what help they can give you one way or the other. if they are absolutely guilty or absolutely innocent. from the prosecutor's point of
6:16 pm
view or whoever is cross examining them in these rooms when you are dealing with people who let's use the terms, less sophisticated people, you question the answers not because whether they are credible or not but they may not have the intellectual capacity to give you the answers that you want. >> judge jeanine: were the lights on was the door locked, you don't need to be a rocket scientist. >> or they may know more information than they are revealing at this time but it may not necessarily mean that they are guilty of a crime. >> judge jeanine: pat? >> i -- >> judge jeanine: want to hire me now? >> you are too expensive for me. >> the beauty of having this case in october of 2011 is that the elemental stuff, the dogs, the barking, the lights there is a whole another treasure trove available to the authorities. takes some time to develop. you know them all. triangleiateion of the phone where it originates, incoming
6:17 pm
and outcoming. if they say we weren't in a certain part of missouri and there is a call made from their phone. all of those things. the gps. >> judge jeanine: do you think it is possible that they are telling the truth? >> yes, of course. >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: so then what happened to the baby? what person goes no a home and turns on all of the lights? >> i don't know about turning on the lights but it happens. >> maybe someone who got lucky in terms of not leaving a footprint behind. >> and knew he was working that night. >> judge jeanine: stay with us. up next, could debra hurt her own baby? i spoke with one of the last people who saw debr deborah bradley before her baby went missing. find out what she has to say, next, on "justice." there are more people taking more medication,
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she was like a baby that she never really fusses. i mean she's a little different from the boys because she is a girl but i mean she even when she was sick and she wasn't feeling well, we just -- we knew something was wrong because she was a little fussy but she is a perfect. she never -- we hardly ever cries. slept through the night since she was two months old. walking and holds on to things. crawls so fast you have to chase her. she's smart. she's everything you would ever want. she's my everything. >> judge jeanine: how are the boys doing? >> they are doing okay. >> judge jeanine: do they know
6:22 pm
what happened? >> they know that she is gone and they are know we are looking for her. her nickname is pumpkin pie. he gave it to her when she was born and they ask mommy, where is pumpkin and we finally said no, why haven't we found her and we just we are doing everything we can, buddies. >> do friends and neighbors think baby lisa's parents could have harmed her? i spoke to one of the last people to see deborah before the fateful night. >> when i saw them is when they went to check out through my mine. a box of wine, baby wipes and baby food. >> with her brother, just the two of them. >> yes. >> judge jeanine: just a regular customer? >> when. >> what was her demeanor like? >> same as always. always smiling. happy go lucky. >> have you seen her with baby lisa in the store? >> yes. >> and what were they like?
6:23 pm
>> the baby was always smiling and she was always smiling. i would always ask how the baby was doing and she would tell me she's great. >> judge jeanine: and a beautiful baby? >> beautiful baby. gorgeous babe. always smiling. never, you know, had a care in the world. >> judge jeanine: we are back with dr. ludewig. all right, doctorrion look, everyone i spoke tortion everyone in the neighborhood, this rebecca guerrero at the supermarket from whom she bought baby wipes and baby food and if you are planning on doing something sinister you don't buy baby wipes and baby food. everyone said she was a great mother and the baby was always healthy and appropriately dressed. do thing its that are unanswerable like this happen by parents who are this good this recent to the incident? >> you never know what goes on behind closed doors and people have a face that they present to the outside world. so it is very possible somebody
6:24 pm
can be a good mother, have a happy child, and then have a moment where they break or there is an accident h that happens or they are careless. that is true of any parent. and during those moments anything can happen. >> you know, it is interesting you say that an accident could have happened. there are obviously three scenarios. an accident. an intentional act toward the baby by someone on the inside and, of course, an abduction. this baby didn't disappear into thin air. the idea of the accident does that suggest that the mother and father would have to be aware of it? >> listen, there are situations where only one parent knows and then doesn't reveal anything. but i would imagine there would be a crack in the relationship, right, if that happened where the husband would say listen my wife isn't quite right lately and you would begin to see the story break apart. >> judge jeanine: and what i have seen so far, doctor, is
6:25 pm
they are consistent in their stories. they support each other and that is what i was just saying in the other block. and, you know, her behavior that day suggests that she was happy, she wasn't depressed. she wasn't someone, you know, who was upset or fighting. >> you don't get the science that she was playing with knives, right, behind closed doors or she was profoundly depressed but she may have been an overwhelmed mom and who knows how she handled that. did she have a baby sitter, did she have family nearby? >> nobody describes her that way. i have been in kansas for two weeks. but her neighbors. i mean the homes are close, and the neighbors say she would come out and put a blanket down and she and the baby would play. and there are people who think who are close to the case not necessarily the police but who say that they didn't think she has any role in this at all. >> and that is very possible and listen, she has two older
6:26 pm
children. >> he has one and she has one. >> they are taking care of two children, right? and there is no history of any difficulties. >> judge jeanine: nothing. >> that would suggest a that they were somehow good enough parents, right, where they were taking care of many children and this isn't live the first time -- a first time parent and breaking down in some way. so there are abductions that happen. there are strange abductions. >> judge jeanine: but we will get into that. the whole idea of the way this went down. very quickly. you saw the tape. tears genuine? >> there is something about her reaction that appears to me to be over the top, a little his historyonic. again, not used to being in front of the tvs, who knows what it meant to her. >> judge jeanine: stay with us. did aburglar kidnap lisa irwin?
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nationwide is on your side. live from america's news headquarters i'm harris faulkner. the situation we are watching in "new york times" square right now has ended in some arrests. just a couple of blocks from fox news headquarters more than 40 people reportedly arrest the as thousands of occupy wall street demonstrators converge and they have been out there for hour and a half hours. protesting what they say is corporate greed. they moved from wall street to times square. and in washington, throngs of people making their way from the washington monument to the new martin luther king memorial. that rally was in support of president obama's jobs plan, already shot down by senate republicans. gop p campaign finance reports released today show rick perry leading the pack in campaign finance funds. followed by former massachusetts governor mitt romney with more than $14 million collected.
6:31 pm
herman cain's warchest not as lucrative with about $3 million raised. i'm harris faulkner. now, back to the judge. >> judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." it has been almost two weeks since 11 month old lisa i rwin was snatched from her own crib in her own home in the middle of the night. tonight the question on everyone's mind, what happened to baby lisa? 4:49 p.m. deborah bradley goes to the supermarket with her brother. seen here buying a box of wine, baby food and baby wipes. early evening, jeremy an electrician heads tout work. >> judge jeanine: this is the first time you worked an overnight? >> judge jeanine: the neighbor a good friend comes over with her little girl. >> the boys and maria -- lives
6:32 pm
in their bedroom with them and they have a tv and bunk beds and stuff and they were watching fairytale movies and everything was is -- everything was pretty normal. >> judge jeanine: the moms chat and drink wine on the porch. after her neighbors leave, around 10:30 p.m., deborah checks on labey lisa. she says she put jeremy's 8-year-old son to bed afalls asleep inside her own bed alongside her 6-year-old son and a stray kitten they found that day. >> was the front door locked or unlocked? >> i don't remember. >> judge jeanine: she says she leaves all three of the family's personal cell phones on the kitchen counter where she normally keeps them. our investigation reveals that at 2:38 a.m. someone makes a call from one of those phones.
6:33 pm
around 4:00 a.m., jeremy returns home from work. >> when you come home, what do you see? >> i found the front door unlocked. >> judge jeanine: did you expect it to be locked? >> yeah. >> judge jeanine: why? >> it's always locked. >> judge jeanine: okay. >> i walk in, most of the lights in the house are on. >> judge jeanine: and what did you think when you saw the lights on? >> i thought sometimes she leaves one or two on but it was unusual for one to be on in almost every room in the house. >> judge jeanine: in the computer room, at the front of the house, jeremy finds a window open, screen pushed in. >> as i was going down the hallway i stopped and checked on the boys. one of them was where he was supposed to be. the other one was i later found out in bed with her. his blanket was on the floor so i kind of walked straight to my bedroom and tried talking to
6:34 pm
her and asking her what was going on. >> judge jeanine: and she was asleep. >> she was asleep. >> he thought, you know, wait a minute, you know, lisa's bedroom door is open and we always close it when she goes to sleep at night and he ran back and checked and he said -- it he came in the room and said where is lisa, where is she at? and i said she is in her crib, you know, and he said she is not there and we just got up and started screaming for her and looking everywhere and she wasn't there. >> i ran outside and i went to the neighbor's. woke her up. she wasn't there. >> judge jeanine: at 4:15 a.m., jeremy uses his work phone to call 911 for help. >> residential burglary in progress. he in thed the screen busted and his 10 month old daughter missing. >> judge jeanine: kansas city police need your help if you have any information on the
6:35 pm
whereabouts this precious little baby girl call the kansas city p.d. at 816-474-tips. my next guest was contacted by the family of lisa irwin. a post conviction criminal defense attorney. welcome. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> the family contacted you why? >> i believe they contacted me because i had such a similar case in illinois and in that case the father became the focus of the investigation. he was charged, arrested, charged with the death penalty. turned out it wasn't him. >> so in that case there was a 4-year-old i understand. >> a 3-year-old. >> judge jeanine: a three-year-old who was sleeping in the house, parent it at home, someone comes through the backdoor, similar circumstances. and they focus on the father. in forecast, the fact, they are daughter and charge him with the murder of his own daughter. you come in and what happens? >> we get dna. the little girl was murdered.
6:36 pm
we get dna, doesn't match the father. the father is released. everyone still believes he is guilty. it secretary of stat is so ide. windows pulled up. the killer isn't able to get in the window. comes in to commit a burglary. sees the child. leaves the house. sees the father in his bed, leaves the house and goes and gets his car, this is how bold it was, drive drives into their driveway, comes back in the house and carries her out of the front door and leaves the front door open and a neighbor sees the front door open. puts her in the trunk of his car and drives off. >> judge jeanine: uncanny similarities. so you not only had a similar case almost identical, but you actually have spoken to the irwins. how did they come in contact with you? who put them in touch with you? >> apparently someone that knew about the fox case. they gave their phone number to my office and said that they believe the family needed to
6:37 pm
speak to us. we left a message and said we don't know what is going on in your case but if you want to call please do and they called probably within an hour. >> judge jeanine: who did you speak to? >> both parents? >> judge jeanine: what did they tell you? >> we didn't have an extensive conversation but talked about the other case and i told them to try to be strong in the face of this negative public opinion. to try to just, you know, hang in there, be strong. >> judge jeanine: but aside from what you are telling them what did they tell you? you believe them. >> i did. >> judge jeanine: why did you believe them? >> i believe them because they are so similar, i guess to the parents in the other case. because they are distrout, because it is hard to figure out any other motive. because, mostly it was just the emotional pain that they are parents who are genuinely grieving over the death of their daughter. now, i mean i'm not a mind reader but --
6:38 pm
>> judge jeanine: but more than look, we don't know if your case the baby was already dead. right now we he don't nowhere baby lisa is. but did they tell you about the door being unlocked? did they go through the facts of their case? >> no, because they knew that i knew the basic information. they knew how. >> judge jeanine: how could you talk to people and not get the facts from them? >> i was trying to tell them that there were people who believed them and that there were people who were with them and despite public opinion not to be influenced by that. >> judge jeanine: have you been retained by them? >> no, and i didn't tell them that i necessarily wanted to be retained by them. >> judge jeanine: stay with us. coming up, no matter what you want to think there are some details that don't add up. why some details of the parent's story just don't add up. that's next on "justice." my mother made e best toffee in the world.
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6:43 pm
custody charged with a felony warrant not related to the case but certainly someone that the police wanted very much to question. now, more of my exclusive interview with the parents of baby lisa here are some of the inconsistencies in their story. >> jeremy, when you come home, what do you see? >> i found the front door unlocked and. >> judge jeanine: did you expect it to be locked? >> yeah. >> judge jeanine: why? >> it's always locked. i walk in most of the lights in the house are on. >> judge jeanine: and what did you think when you saw the lights on? >> i thought sometimes she leaves one or two on but it was unusual for one to be on in almost every room in the house. >> judge jeanine: had you ever seen the screen like that was it pushed into the house or out? >> it was pushed into the house and that is why the window wouldn't closed. >> judge jeanine: could somebody have fit through the frame where it was popped?
6:44 pm
you said it was popped, debbie? >> no. >> nothing makes sense. >> judge jeanine: could someone have fit through that. >> if they removed it all the way but why would you remove it and put it halfway back. that doesn't make sense. >> judge jeanine: based on the condition it was in, could someone have gone through that? >> no. >> judge jeanine: did you hear anything out of the ordinary when you went to bed? >> no, no. >> was your bedroom door open or close. >> we close all the doors at night and i had the baby monitor on and we didn't hear anything. >> judge jeanine: that was a baby monitor. >> we always have one on. we go to bed and she is in bed. >> judge jeanine: and they are sensitive. you could hear someone if you are walking. i remember awhile ago for me. >> yeah. >> judge jeanine: do you have a dog, by the way? >> yeah, we do. >> what kind of dog do you have? >> a lab mix. >> she would have barked if there was a co-mexican sid come sort. >> if there was noise or something out of the ordinary
6:45 pm
and it was loud, i mean. but she -- >> she can't see the front of the house. >> judge jeanine: is she in the back? >> she stays out back. >> judge jeanine: is she is outside. >> sleeps under the deck or sleeps inside -- the kids have a play ground outback and sometimes she sleeps this there. she is a dog so she obviously can hear really well but i mean. >> judge jeanine: nothing that night? you don't remember her barking, no commotion? >> to get that screen out i would think they would make some noise? >> right. >> we are back with dr. robi ludwig. former nypd detective pat brosnan. do any of you eliminate either one of these parents right off the bat? arthur, hit it. >> all kidding aside after watching the last 40 minutes of the show, especially your interviews with the mother. i have done these investigations as a prosecutor
6:46 pm
and as a criminal defense attorney. to me she rings very true. the father there is a lot of things that -- >> judge jeanine: she rings true. a lot of people agree with you. does she ring true with you, pat? yes, no? >> no. >> because the luckiest burglar in missouri landed at that home tonight. he went in the front of the home. went inside. didn't wake the boys or the baby. the dog didn't bark. picked up two cell phones and magically transported the 10 month old out the door. >> kathleen? >> been there done that. an identical situation. perpetrator in the house. brother sleeping right next to her. father doesn't hear anything. out the front door. >> judge jeanine: that's possible. >> i spoke to kathleen about that but the only single night that he worked -- >> mother's gone.
6:47 pm
breast cancer walk. >> both cars in the driveway. and the best expert i talked to on it said look how bold this person it, the front door is standing open. >> judge jeanine: what if this baby was targeted? there are baby abductions and then they are sold on the market. is a beautiful baby. >> judge jeanine: no question, this baby was beautiful, well dressed, healthy, mommy took care of it according to everybody. >> okay, naysayer. she was drinking wine. she bought wine. do you think she fell asleep, had a few too many pops and just didn't hear it? >> possibly. but did she give the wine to the dog? was the dog drinking? how come there is no noise on the baby monitor? >> obviously in one tested the dog's blood. you are talking about a child went to bed at 10:30 and it was discovered at 4:00 a.m. if someone takes a steak and puts one pill into the dog and puts the dog to sleep for three hours no one would have known.
6:48 pm
>> judge jeanine: what burglar leaves the lights on in a house? >> the same burglar -- >> the dog could be barking, same thing in your case, barking dog, nobody heard it. father didn't hear it. he had been drinking. >> no one else is heard it in the neighborhood and everybody in that neighborhood. >> the dog sleeps in the back of the house so the dog may not have heard -- a burglar tip toeing in. the burglar wasn't bang pots and pans. >> what if the dog knew who came in the house? then maybe the dog wouldn't bark. >> who steals cell phones when they are clipping a baby. who made the call? >> no one could call 911 if there is no house phone. >> what if people panicked? >> stand by. the difference in the disappearance of baby lisa and the search for casey anthony -- caylee anthony.there's sorry about that. i've the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss.
6:49 pm
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." we're back with my guest but i'm told that we have bill stanton who was the private investigator from kansas city who has just called in. he is on the phone now. can we bring h him in? bill? >> yes, hello. >> judge jeanine: hey, bill, it's the judge. how are you? >> urnyour honor, how are you? >> i'm well, talk to us. >> judge jeanine: i'm getting this because you have been good to me and i owe you one. i have been -- i'm just trying to compose myself. i heard confirmed reports in the home they found men's clothing, a back pack and freshly soiled -- >> where did they find this? >> near the home. another news agency and i'm just getting this and then
6:53 pm
another reporter just called me telling me about it, this is all local and going on right now. >> judge jeanine: how far from the home? do we know, bill? >> unknown. i just got the call. and, you know, after our conversation yesterday i wanted to call you. >> judge jeanine: we very much appreciate it. bill, you and i both know if they are freshly soiled diapers this they can do a dna and we will know whether or not that is baby lisa. >> that's right. that's right. >> and the soiled men's clothing. the police have gone shoulder to shoulder there, bill. they could not have missed this. that means this is recent. >> it was what i'm hearing and again, i'm hearing this from, you know, all these reporters are calling me. so they called me for comment and said have you heard there is coon firmed report of men's clothing, a backpack and freshly soiled diapers. that was it. >> judge jeanine: bill, thanks. i mean put on your law enforcement cap.
6:54 pm
assuming that that baby was in the area or that is man's clothes they were in the area after the police searched that means recently. who would come back to the area assuming it is in close proximity to the home with that kind of incriminating evidence? >> very simple. someone that never left. someone that never left. >> judge jeanine: that does make sense. you think, bill, the $100,000 has something to do with this? >> i spoke to the beneedfactor, if you will. they will be happy to pay whoever finds that baby or directs us to that baby and gets us there, more than happy to pay that money. >> judge jeanine: and just so the viewers know, yesterday bill stanton announced he has a benefactor willing to put up $100,000 for the location of babe. >> lisa and or conviction. it is getting the baby back.
6:55 pm
how does someone get in touch with you if they want to connect to get that money? >> i don't want to take this out of the hands of the kansas city p.d. we will work it through the kcp.d. >> judge jeanine: get their telephone number up. joining us, breaking news. >> i have to up jump because i'm getting call is like crazy and i will call back if i can. >> judge jeanine: breaking news to the viewers tonight. men's clothing, freshly soiled baby diapers found in the vicinity of the irwin home in kansas city. private investigator bill stanton calling in to tell us this. this may be a huge break in the case. god willing, someone is going to find that baby. whether or not the $100,000 reward that was offered has anything to do with this, and just so you know, there is no question that this is recent and that those diapers can be tested for dna to determine whether or not this is a diaper
6:56 pm
of baby lisa. it it was not there within the last few days which means that baby never left the area or someone is closely in the vicinity and since the police have searched shoulder to shoulder this is all recent development. guys, talk to me. what do you think? >> what i'm afraid of, jeanine -- judge i'm sorry. bringing back memories of the young boy in brooklyn who was only kidnapped and the perpetrator was only going to kidnap the kid and take him some where and then with all of the media attention he then killed the child. >> judge jeanine: let's hope not. >> you hope to god that is not what this person is thinking. >> who is coming in the area? >> if it is factual it is a tremendous break. >> judge jeanine: t is a tremendous break. >> it is somebody right there. a neighborrer that has had the child in their house. >> judge jeanine: but the houses are so close. i have been there every day. >> they always miss it the first time around. i think that it is definitely somebody right there who has been right by --
6:57 pm
>> who knows, identified. >> the dog. >> judge jeanine: maybe that explains why the dog hasn't barked. ladies and gentlemen, lots of breaking news tonight. they found jersey and now clothing, baby's diaper. they will do a dna on it. let's hope, god willing, that they found baby lisa. endless shrimp is ourn
6:58 pm
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